A Small Guide To Course Hero


Course Hero is a learning platform (more specifically it is an educational website) for students. This platform provides millions of student access to learning resources like course related materials, flash cards, and tutors. It is the web of tutors and student exchanging educational resources. When a member uploads a content online, course hero collects it and distribute it into relevant categories. For a user to gain membership, he/she must buy a subscription or upload any educational content.


A Brief History Of Course Hero

In 2006, Andrew Grauer founded Course Hero. At that time, he was at Cornell University, and the sole purpose of his website was to share educational content. At first, college students uploaded class notes, assignments, and lectures. In daily life, this educational content was generally ignored. However, Andrew thought this information could be even more useful if it is properly organized and readily available. In 2008, the full version of this site was launched.

Features Of Course Hero


Expert Tutors Available

There are expert tutors available for 24/7. If tutors are asked a question, they will usually reply within three days. Moreover, a vast library of video lectures is available.

Study Documents

Course Hero has launched a variety of courses. These courses provide students with educational contents and test them continuously until they master their subjects. Course Hero provides access to over 7 million documents. To obtain all of these documents students must buy a subscription plan. Otherwise, the disciple can upload forty documents and get free premium access for a month. However, it can take up to three days to get premium access after submitting the documents.

The website also enables students to make digital flash cards. Students can study, create quizzes, and share material they make. These quizzes and mini quizzes allow students to maximize their power of retention.

Free Access

asdasdsThere are several types of subscription plans available for students. There is also free access to Course Hero available for students. The student will have access to flash cards and can purchase individual questions with the tutor. However, premium membership provides additional benefits, such as downloading study resources, additional flash cards features, and up to $120 in tutoring. One way to become a premium participant is to buy the membership. However, a student can additionally get access to material by uploading documents.

In summary, Course Hero is a great educational platform. If a student wants to improve his/her grade, he/she must be part of this excellent website. With coupons provided in this article, the student can get premium access for a much lower price.…

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